Our Programs

Entrepreneur Coaching Academy

The Entrepreneur Coaching Academy helps aspiring or current entrepreneurs to learn starting, sustaining, & scaling businesses through our 6-week (virtual) Entrepreneur Coaching Boot Camp or 12-week Entrepreneur Coaching Academy course materials.

Financial Empowerment Preparatory

The Financial Empowerment Preparatory provides opportunities for individuals, families, neighborhoods, and/or businesses to gain an understanding of financial literacy and how economics works
in reducing wealth disparities through community development through our 6-week (virtual) Financial Empowerment Boot Camp or 12-week Financial Empowerment Prep course materials.

Leadership Coaching Institute

The Leadership Coaching Institute provides opportunities for future and/or current leaders in employee positions, managerial positions, or entrepreneurs wanting to elevate their leadership skills through our 6-week (virtual) Leadership Coaching Boot Camp or 12-week Leadership Coaching Institute course materials.

Young Entrepreneur Coaching Academy

The Young Entrepreneur Coaching Academy provides opportunities for aspiring or current adolescent aged entrepreneurs to elevate their business or grow towards a viable enterprise. The individual training sessions parallel a core progressive process in personal, interpersonal, and portable development strategies while enhancing basic life skills through our 6-week (virtual) Young Entrepreneur Coaching Boot Camp or 12-week Young Entrepreneurs Coaching Academy course materials.

Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute provides opportunities for employees and/or employers to learn, refresh, or reinforce skills related to 21st Century professional growth, accountability in the workplace, and workforce development through our 6-week (virtual) Professional Development Boot Camp or 12-week Professional Development Inistutie course materials.

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